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Kingston Milestones
Kingston milestones represent significant achievements or turning points in the journey our organization, marking key moments of growth, success, or transformation. These milestones serve as important markers, highlighting accomplishments that have shaped the Kingston's identity, credibility, and reputation. They include reaching significant financial targets, launching ground-breaking products & services, expanding into new markets & garnering prestigious industry awards. Kingston milestones not only showcase an its progress but also reflect its ability to adapt, innovate, and overcome challenges. Celebrating these milestones instils a sense of pride and motivation among our team, while also reinforcing trust and loyalty with customers and our stakeholders.
April Started as a Class-2 CPWD contractor.
January Started taking on the project of building a large structure and successfully completed the construction of a supercomputer building.
August Opened first wholesale counter , Named National Hardware. It is in Paharganj Delhi.
August Launched Insta Hardware (Architectural & Building Hardware) brand.
November Established one of the largest distributions in Delhi NCR, covering 1000 retailer outlets.
February Launched Kingston False Ceiling Brand in india.
September Launched Kingston Silicone Sealants in india.
November Launched Kingston PU Sealants and Adhesives in India.
June Established distributions in Nepal and Bhutan.
December Setting up regional offices in West, East, and Central India.